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With RCPTS we take the hassle out of receipt capturing. Customers simply hold their phone over any receipt and our smart camera will automatically detect, crop and snap an image of the receipt. Images are then quickly adjusted to improve lumination and correct the perspective. After that the receipt is available in the users account and is ready for data extraction.

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RCPTS process of rewarding your customers is simple and effective. Customers simply scan their receipt with your white label RCPTS application. The receipt is then automatically send to the RCPTS AI engine that analyses the receipt. When that process is finished the customer gets an automated push notification that he has been rewarded and his points have been added to his account. The rewards configuration is completely up to you and can be modified at any time. Simple, effective and accurate.

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The RCPTS AI engine analyses receipts based on hundreds of receipt characteristics. It then determines the validity of the document, automatically removes duplicates and gives feedback to the user. This means customers can’t cheat the system and will only be rewarded for real purchases. With machine learning at its core, our AI fraud detection improves at the speed of light.

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Getting you the rich and actionable customer profiles you need. That’s what RCPTS is all about. Therefore RCPTS automatically combines and groups customers purchasing behaviour and demographics into a rich data format. But we don’t stop there. In our customized dashboards we answer all the questions you ever had about your customers. Without you needing any data analytics training.

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