White label data collection and marketing chatbots for brands

RCPTS is a white label engagement platform for brands. With RCPTS brands can collect data, interact with their customers and reward them for behaviour. Harness the power of chatbots and messenger apps with RCPTS. 

Why use messenger apps for interaction?

Social media used to be an affective way to reach consumers. Sadly, algorithms are nowadays filtering out 95% of all posts. With messenger apps you engage on a 1 on 1 base with your customers. No filters, personal and very effective. 

Learn who your customers are

In a data driven world, the need to really understand your customers is higher than ever. For brands its hard to get to know their customers, because there is always a merchant in the mix. With the RCPTS messenger bots you talk directly to your customers, learn what they do and like. All the information you gather is yours only. Knowing your customers is the gateway for direct to consumer sales.

Stimulate product or brand loyalty with a loyalty chatbot

Loyal customers are where brands make their money. Reward loyal behaviour and keep your customers close with automated loyalty conversations.
Customer sends in proof of purchase via messenger app
The RCPTS engine analyses it within 10 seconds
Loyalty points are send to the customer

Let customers earn charity donations via chat questionnaires

Your brand likes to know more about its customers. Your brand also cares about the world around it. Why not bring these two together? Start rewarding customers via charity donations, after answering a few brand based questions on a messenger chatbot. It only takes 1 minute!
Customer answer a few questions via a chatbot
Customer gets rewarded and chooses charity to donate to
Customer is automatically updated when donation is done

Giveaways via messenger chatbots

People love to win prices. Giveaways are an easy way to learn more about your customers. Easy registration is key to giveaway succes. With RCPTS chatbots registration can be done within 30 seconds!
Customer signs up for giveaway via messenger bot
The RCPTS engine determines the giveaway winner
Customers are updated automatically with the results

Reward positive emotional behaviour on social media

Connect positive emotions to your brand on social media and reward your happy customers. RCPTS can detect emotions and brands in images on popular social media channels.
Customer captures a selfie with your brand or product
RCPTS engine analyses image and extracts data
Rewards are send to customer via messenger chatbot

Frequently Asked Questions

On what messenger services does it work?
RCPTS chatbots can run on multiple different platforms. Facebook Messenger is the primary platform, but also Telegram, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp (beta) are available.  
Who owns the collected data and the conversation?
RCPTS is a white label marketing chatbot platform for brands to collect data, reward customers and have 1 on 1 conversations. We are here to support in every step of the way, but our customers own all the data they collect using our bots.
Where does the messenger bot run?
RCPTS messenger bots run on your own Facebook Messenger, Telegram or Whatsapp channels. They are completely customisable and under your control. There is no RCPTS branding.
Got a question about RCPTS?

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